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Hangaroa, Eco Village & Spa, Easter Island, Chile


TE PITO O TE HENUA or MATA KI TE RANGI, those were the names that the Rapa Nui peoples gave their island in the olden days. In this extreme spot amid the ocean, one of the populated locations farthest away from any continent, people created a unique culture and they staunchly defended the values representing their native land, their KAINGA...
The underlying philosophy of Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa stands on the concept of KAINGA, which brings along a profound respect for the mother land of Rapa Nui, that physically and spiritually nourishes the world that connects with it. This respect pushes us to take care of their natural and cultural resources, so as to contribute to their preservation and development for Rapa Nui still to come.

We are a comprehensive tourism project based on sustainability and endurance in time, both from an ecological standpoint and from the cultural and human points of view. Each detail of the architectural design and of the warm-hearted service of our staff, is aimed at inviting our guests to be part of an adventure through which learning, admiration, care and preservation are all conjugated as one.

Built with fine and natural materials, such as cypress logs, clay and volcanic rock, it offers the guest a total immersion in the Rapa Nui habitat. Its rooms were inspired by “the cave”, thus giving way to sinuous spaces, island-like and organic. They are, also, fitted state of the arts technology that allows for the control of water and power consumption, minimizing noises and electromagnetic fields, and set the guest’s temperature of choice.

Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa is located on a privileged place in Easter Island, on the main coastline of the village, with ocean view, less than 1 km (0.6 miles) from the airport and just a stroll away from downtown Hangaroa, enabling travelers an easy interaction with the local community.

Kees Aerts

Executive Director

Rene Rubio
Commercial Manager


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